About Crown Social

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Put simply, Crown Social can help you grow your business by leveraging social media.

Here’s how: We craft actionable, audience-focused marketing plans aimed at achieving your business goals, and then execute against them with the highest attention to detail and a strong track record of success.

Here’s who: We’ve advised Fortune 500 companies, traditional agencies, and tech startups on how to incorporate social into their business, bringing strategy, structure and creativity to the always-evolving social media market.

Creative social strategy grounded in traditional marketing fundamentals. Mixed with process and technology expertise, it’s a game-changer.

Word-of-mouth and relationships work much the same way online as offline—the only quantitative difference is scale. The depth and discoverability of these conversations increases online, and the tools are complex and ever-changing. We can help you navigate the possibilities with aplomb.

We’re subject-matter experts who’ve learned best practices the hard way: years of trial and error at the bleeding edge.

Zach Huntting, Founder & CEO, is a former digital advertising strategist and client-side head of marketing with more than a decade in social media and Internet technologies. He has helped artists, small businesses and big brands get results from social, building worldwide communities and garnering the attention of influencers and millions of friends, fans and followers in the process. Zach holds an MBA in Marketing from the University of Washington and currently serves on the boards of the Seattle chapter of the American Advertising Federation and the Seattle Interactive Conference.

“Campaigns should be data-driven and audience-focused, but too many brands stalk their customers. It’s creepy. Social media is about pull, not push. Give them reasons to stalk you.”

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