Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy

Let’s all take a moment to raise our drinks to Crown Social’s Queen Bey of social media. 

Shannon O’Donald slayed the Seattle Interactive Conference, and we are still drunk on her talk.

The conference was a whirlwind of amazing speakers, fresh topics, and all around greatness. Amongst all this greatness was Shannon, Crown Social’s fearless Strategist and social media pioneer. She combined successful marketing strategy and alcohol, you say? Legend.

Shannon paralleled bartending skills and consuming alcohol, (something with which most people can relate) to successful social media strategies.  While she may have initially won the crowd with witty drinking jokes and Macklemore gifs, the substance of her talk delivered inventive thinking and a call to arms for marketers to bring the principles of customer service and craftsmanship to the social realm.

I am sure all the other attendees can sympathize with my sentiments leaving the talk: 1. Shannon is a boss, 2. Successful social media strategy seems more in our reach than ever before, 3. Everything becomes clearer when you add alcohol.

We bow down to our social media guru. 


Did you love her talk so much you want to see it again? Did you miss her talk but are dying to find out what all our hype is about? Yeah, we can help with that:

Vimeo: Watch it here!

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