Crown Social Seattle Interactive Poster Contest

Note: the poster itself has been redacted. Some astute bloggers noticed that our submission was well over par for the course, and we want only our best work to reflect our brand. Our poster, while not beautiful, inspired more than 35 designers from Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver to believe strongly enough that they had a shot to enter the contest. And it turned out everybody was a winner: ALL entrants were given an all-conference pass for their work and creativity.

Our friends over at Seattle Interactive announced a Poster Design Contest about a month back. The challenge:


Create a poster that will be showcased across the NW. We are going to do a major street outreach poster campaign in the next few months and would like to have the poster crowdsourced to local agencies and designers for our upcoming conference on October 29-30th at The Conference Center downtown Seattle.


Shena – @shebababean

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  • Guest

    Love it!

  • guest

    I love the colors! I like most of it, but I’m having a hard time reading the text at the bottom. Is that because of low digital image quality?

    • Hey guest, you bring up a great point! I think in this case it’s probably a little bit of the image quality, but it’s also because the text is obscured by the random colorful boxes. We tried to get a little crazy with this one to kick off the contest… and we may or may not have one more in store 🙂