Crown’s hand-made package never fails to please

Crown’s hand-made package never fails to please

When Blue Nile approached The Best Social Media Agency In The World to create an influencer outreach campaign for its high-tech style analyzer Leave Nothing to Chance, we knew that we’d need to leverage the ancient art of presentation to show gratitude to our community of style leaders.

Crown created a full packaging kit complete with original line art inspired by Blue Nile jewelry, designed to complement the company’s website colors while harkening back to a lost time when gifts came tied in string and wax stamped with the bearer’s monogram. A two-color embossed, letter-press style belly band and matching card with hand-written calligraphic greeting complete the gift package.

Giving is its own gift, right? Still, all of our attention to detail didn’t go un-noticed by our stylistas. InStyle launched our campaign with an exclusive article and our ambassadors posted about our packaging and the Leave Nothing to Chance Facebook app on their high-traffic social channels.

Just another reminder that while social may rule the school, there’s nothing like a hand-written note.

Update: this project won an ADDY Award! <-- click to read more about that 🙂

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