Highlight app opportunities

Highlight app opportunities

Click star (below) if you already know what Highlight is.

Not many people do, but that’s where the opportunity is: Highlight is currently populated by the badasses of tech. Just to give you an idea, the last people I Highlighted were Clint Nelsen, Co-founder at Startup Weekend, Anthony Casalena, Founder at Squarespace, and Katie Linendoll, “Tech Expert” at CNN / Spike TV.

Since you probably don’t know what it is, Highlight is an app that lets you know when other users are nearby, whether you have friends or interests in common (based on Facebook data, mostly), and then connect with them over Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, send messages, etc. The technology is basically a straight, sexless, geeky version of Grindr, and the populace is like LinkedIn, but without all the people who think they HAVE to be there but don’t really WANT to be.

Check out this interview with Highlight founder Paul Davison at LeWeb 2012 to learn more about his vision. There’s already a ton of opportunity to extract value from Highlight for people in tech, venture capital and social media; however, the long-term implications are what make Highlight our favorite platform of the moment. Whether it turns out to be Highlight or not, passive social discovery based on location will be a huge phenomenon soon.

In the above video, Paul says Highlight “isn’t about meeting people… it’s about surfacing meta data.” We hope he’s wrong. We think it would be super cool to put on a series of networking events to connect Highlight users in the 3D world.

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Technical details: Highlight integrates into Facebook’s Open Graph and initially asks for an obscene amount of permissions. Don’t worry though — they’ve been great so far about using that access tastefully.

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