Hot Hot Heat

Hot Hot Heat

It may be in the 90’s outside, but the badass team at Crown Social has some tricks for keeping cool.

    1. 1. Atmosphere: The thermometer in our SODO office reads 81 but the vibes inside are hella chill. How do we do it? We bump the collaborative trance electro-funk tunes by Jellyfish Recordings out of Vancouver. Not to mention our extra-large fan is set on high.


    1. 2. Hot Coffee: The old wives trick of drinking hot beverages on hot days- it raises your body temperature, making the disparity between your body temp and the outside temp greater, so you feel cooler. Bonus points for drinking from the snowman mug.


      1. 3. Hot shots: We’ve equipped ourselves with loaded water pistols, and our stealth tactics are improving. Stepping away from your computer makes you fair game for target practice: Consider yourself warned!

squirt guns


It helps that Crown Social is a cool place to work, regardless of the weather. So we’re curious- how do you stay cool at your office in mid-July?

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