How To Find Adventure: A Response To Taylor Cotter

How To Find Adventure: A Response To Taylor Cotter

Earlier today I had the pleasure to read an article by a young 22-year-old aspiring journalist Taylor Cotter. To give you a short summary Ms. Cotter has a job in her field of choice, a car and an apartment, but was driven today to write about how lost she feels in this tough world. It’s appropriately titled “A Struggle of Not Struggling.”

Considering that I’m also young, employed and driven I thought I’d write a quick letter that might give her some inspiration during these tough emotional times.

Dear Taylor,

Hi there just wanted to take a second to introduce myself. My name is Saul Spady and just like you I’m a sad sack, over-privileged, employed individual in a career of my own choosing. Just thought I’d throw that out so you don’t feel so alone.

First, let me say that your article is incredibly well-written. Based on everything else I’ve read you’ll probably be living your dream in New York in no time!

Okay now that the pleasantries are out of the way I want to tell you to GROW UP! At the same time consider that you’re a legitimate voice of the millennial generation and are currently doing a wonderful job of reminding all of our esteemed elders how whiny, self-serving and generally douchey we are.

Here is a quick suggestion if you’re having such a hard time finding adventure. Search for it yourself!

Funny thing about adventures, stories and shenanigans; you’ll only find them if you look. Next time you’re feeling sad about the lack of crazed bohemian journeys you’re having jump in your car and drive out to the forest to take an hour lying on the ground staring at the stars… Or maybe find a local acting guild and start volunteering at night as a stagehand… become a painter… mentor a child… go bridge jumping just for the hell of it.

Needless to say I personally love my life because I’ve found that I can be driven, employed and serious while also taking my free time to have all those adventures that you believe are only possible if you’re a part time barista living in the basement.

All the best,

Saul – @saulspady

P.S. It’s beautiful in Seattle. Buy a plane ticket this weekend and have an unplanned adventure!

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