LinkedIn does something wrong?!  Constructive feedback for one of our favorite social networks

LinkedIn does something wrong?! Constructive feedback for one of our favorite social networks

We’re heavy LinkedIn users here at Crown Social. We’re a B2B business, so for us LinkedIn is one of the most valuable CRM tools out there, and as a social media agency we also manage a number of company pages and groups on behalf of our clients. We also pay a monthly fee to LinkedIn to gain additional “premium” functionality. Anyway, this morning I was organizing contacts and adding tags and I got the following message (a “403: Forbidden” HTTP status code):

LinkedIn Error Message

Normally that would be fine. Twitter’s served up the Fail Whale way more often, right? The problem is that I was able to log in with our other test accounts, and my team was also able to log in just fine. The message says “LinkedIn is momentarily unavailable but should return after a few moments,” which makes it sound like a technical issue; however, our tests and observations indicate that it’s actually a user-specific service denial based on heavy usage. Just to be clear, it’s not a browser or IP issue. We were able to log in with test accounts on multiple browsers and devices, the very same devices that blocked me again when I tried logging in with my normal account.

If LinkedIn is blocking user access based on usage, it would make sense to publish details so those who depend on the service can manage usage accordingly. It might also be reasonable to offer higher bandwidth limits for paid users. Many people have asked questions about the 403 code on LinkedIn’s Premium Help Center, but there is no mention of the fact that the code is served based on user ID, despite the presence of official LinkedIn representatives on the forum.

LinkedIn is one of the most valuable platforms for us and a lot of other businesses, job seekers, and other power users, but timing users out for a whole day without warning or other info can be crippling. Here’s hoping for a change to that algorithm, LinkedIn!

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