Meet the Team: DANNY

Meet the Team: DANNY

Name: Danny Krueger


Hometown: Chicago


Job title: Sr. Art Director


More accurate job title: Jr. Peace Keeper / VP of Ginger Chew Distribution


I wanted to become a designer because: it kind of just happened. I was into drawing as a kid but it never developed past that. In high school and college I kept trying new creative things like guitar, photography, drawing, sculpture, web design, animation, etc.  I took a animation class that I loved and I was like, “This is it.” Then I took a web design class and thought, “THIS IS IT.” I took a straight up Product Marketing job and was like, “THIIISSSS IS IT.” It definitely was not. I keep trying new things and other skills keep growing as I get bored. Bored in the sense that I want more. So in the end I was like, ‘How do I make money and create art?’ Design. But really I just want to make cool shit with cool people.


I’ve always secretly wanted to be: a wide receiver. But I would settle for Corner Back. Seriously, that was the dream until I stopped growing. Still undrafted to this day but I’m hopeful.


If I were an inanimate object, I’d be a: Laserdisc.


My favorite kind of music is: always hip hop. I usually try to listen to other things but I feel like I always go back to hip hop. That’s probably not good. Because I’m going to be 60 and listening to Ghostface.


My guilty pleasure song is: uhhh new Justin Bieber. I feel like that’s the general consensus from hip-hop fans. Just a couple new ones like the song with Travi$ Scott or the All That Matters Remix by Jeftuz. So good.


My debut album would be called: Wails. Part 1. I always had this idea to form a band called Whales in Wales. And we’d release a three-part emotionally charged indie album called Wails. So it’s Wails by Whales in Wales.


I miss Chicago’s: tacos! pizza! mostly food, really. The diversity. My family and friends.


My favorite thing about working at Crown is: the range of work and styles. You can work on something super abstract, shoot photos, write tweets, etc.

Make that more airy. Cool.

Go outside and shoot a photo of a dog. Okay.

Create this excel sheet. No.

Animate these clouds. Got it.

Take this tequila shot. Done.

Whatever it is, Crown trusts the vision.

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