Meet the Team: DIANA

Meet the Team: DIANA

Name: Diana Eberlein


Hometown: a split between Huntington, Long Island & Los Angeles


Job title: Account Director


More accurate job title: Devil’s Advocate & Professional Nag (nickname: “The Agenda”)


I started working in social because:  There isn’t anything that can’t be “social”, plus it’s an excuse to take pictures of EVERYTHING!

My most over-used emoji is:  praying-emoticon  Just like you’re not LOL’ing, you’re not praying either.


I just binged-watched: Season 1 of Friday Night Lights….Are you ready for some football?!


My secret talent is: Party Planning, Master Flower Arranger, and my peanut butter cookie sandwich is life altering.


During the zombie apocalypse, you’d find me: I would not be the hero of this story, let’s just put it at that.


My jam: Somewhere between “Body Say” by Demi Lovato (guilty pleasure) and “Just Another Thing” by Maren Morris


The best place to eat in Capitol Hill is: Poquitos or Quinn’s!! Poquitos’ guac on Quinn’s burger…needs to happen.


Best sport to watch:  Football!!!  Go Blue!


Best sport to play:  Does kickball count?


I miss LA’s: Dress code. Stilettos in Seattle??


My catchphrase: “That’s not exactly a soup question.” – Finding Forrester


2016 in one word: Savory


Working at Crown is great because: I’m exposed to new and different things every day—whether it’s a new vinyl record, a new Seattle insider tip, or a social media tactic, I’m always learning.

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