Meet the Team: JULIE

Meet the Team: JULIE

Name: Julie Tompkins [but if you really want me to like you, call me Jules]


Hometown: a small, unknown suburb outside of Boston


Job title: Social Media Manager & Copywriter


More accurate job title: Grammar Enforcer / Canine Enthusiasm Officer


I started working in social because: I used to work in book publishing, and I was fascinated by the idea of working in a medium so ephemeral.


When I was young, I wanted to be: I was definitely really into writing and thought about being an author, but I also wanted to be a firefighter and a dancer and an EMT.


My favorite word is: I can’t tell you that because it’s part of most of my passwords. BUT my second favorite word is “quotidian”.


My spirit animal is: a dog, of course.


The last book I read was: Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng.


When my flight is delayed, I: wander around the terminal. I don’t like feeling too dormant.


I’m insanely addicted to: Spearmint Orbit gum and Hershey’s dark chocolate kisses.


Creativity is: good for the soul.


I ended up at Crown because: I sent an unsolicited haiku to the team that obviously demonstrated my mad writing skillz.

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