Entrepreneur Spotlight: Rob Capelluto

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Rob Capelluto

Human: Rob Capelluto

Company: Dubseed


The year is 2015.


Rob and I rendezvous, as is standard procedure for this sort of thing.  Discussion ensues and we make our way upstairs to find a more secluded location to converse. Rob pauses for a moment as his gaze shifts from the tip of his nose to a window ahead.  He mutters, “Sometimes I stand at this window for hours and watch the people in the apartment across the street.”


CS: Rob, could you tell us a little bit about your company and what you do there?

RC: Why?


RC: Dubseed.  Our company is unique in that people can look at the different layers (stems) artists use to create their songs.  Basically, we provide a platform for people to buy these stems.


CS: That’s pretty cool. What’s your favorite toothpaste?

RC: I don’t like toothpaste with fluoride because I’m a conspiracy theorist.  I like to use Tom’s.  I also filter my water.


CS: What’s your favorite hot dog topping?

RC: What’s that onion stuff on German hot dogs?

CS: Do you mean sauerkraut?

RC: Yeah. I like that.


CS: Tell us what your favorite aspect of yourself is.

RC: My looks, my intelligence. I’m very funny. Wait. Don’t write that down. That’s not my answer.

CS: But this is funny, Rob. What’s your answer?

RC: Probably my good looks.


CS: What’s your favorite flavor of Pepsi: 1995-present?

RC: That is kind of a misleading question.  You’re assuming I’m a Pepsi guy.  I prefer Coke.  Mexican Coke.


Then we played ping-pong.




RC: I feel like Pete Francis.

CS: Sampras?

RC: Yeah, him.  My grandma used to watch a lot of tennis.


CS: What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever said to someone, aside from that?

RC: That’s really a tough question. I can’t really think of anything witty. I don’t say cool shit to people.  I don’t think I’m enough of a smooth talker.  I don’t think…I’m not confident.


CS: If you could be the front man of any band, what band would it be?

RC: Nirvana.  I have a dark side to me that not a lot of people know about.


Truly revealing.


CS: Okay. Last question. You’ve got $6 dollars, a unicycle and the world ends in 45 minutes. What’s your plan?

RC: Ditch the unicycle. Give the $6 to the first person I see and go streaking.




Be on the lookout for Dubseed as they take over the Internet, one stem at a time.

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