A Eulogy to you, Google+.

A Eulogy to you, Google+.

To All,


Please join us in mourning the loss of Google+, or as it was more affectionately called, G+.


Anyone with a Gmail account knew that G+ was an extraordinary social platform on which you were never really sure what to post, which hangouts you were supposed to be in, or why only your mom was in your circle.


After three and a half mediocre years, G+ died a slow quiet death due to a devastating drought of fans and followers.  Unfortunately in this economy there are not enough likes or shares to go around the Internet. Someone had to go.  We sure will miss that +1 button.


As we go into this time of mourning, we urge you to appreciate the profiles you have, the likes and shares you can give, and above all keep joining those #hashtags.


Here’s to G+ and a good run in circles. We look forward to hearing what comes out of Google Photos and Streams.



Crown Social


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