Tool Tips Question for YOU!!

Tool Tips Question for YOU!!

Hey we’ve used a ton of tools in our day — R6 Visible Crowdbooster Spredfast Sprinklr Buddy Brandwatch Klout Tracx Blab etc. — do you have any favorites? We want to hear from you! Please post your comment below ???

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  • I worked for Visible for a while and I don’t think that the average consumer uses tools such as this or R6 ever. I think they are targeted towards business’s rather then consumers. No one is doing a good job spreading themselves between both consumer and business SMMS’s. This will separate someone from the pack in the next few years.

    That all being said, I really think that Tracx is doing a good job visually with their software. I still think most of these companies are trying to figure out sentiment, and making the results the best they can.

    Also, Klout has created a system for consumers to get involved, however, I’m not sure they have done a service to themselves by not explaining how your score is calculate, and believe that this will ultimately be their downfall.

  • I have recently started working with Buffer which is great. Also, more of a blog tool (so technically social media) I am a HUGE fan of Relaborate for group content orginization and easy syndication to blog.

    • Doesn’t buffer just mainly schedule your tweets/posts and give you analytics on those items? I think scheduled tweets/posts is the devil, it’s like sending a mannequin to a conference in your place.

      • I totally agree, but if you’re like most people you spend certain segments of your time looking through things on the internet punctuated by other work activities. One post will lead me to another and let’s say I find several relevant posts in a row that I want to share with others or promote someone I think deserves it…I don’t want to send them all at once as that may be annoying. It just creates a button for sharing that will space them out a little more throughout the day. But full on programming all your posts? Yah, that’s lame.

        • I agree that in that situation Buffer would be useful. But I think if it gave you analytics on your whole twitter account it would prove to be a better overall tool.

          I think it would also serve a great service if you used it to post blog content. Because I know when I blog, we often have more then one article being posted within 30 minutes. Posting both of these on social media at the same time will result in one of them being overlooked, if you could spread them out, it would be very useful.

      • When you schedule tweets/posts, its just to save you time, so you can jump in when interaction rolls around. Also Interaction with people outside of who follows you is key to getting new interaction/followers.

        • But do you think that scheduling tweets often creates interaction? I’ve found that tweets about what is currently going on, often provide me with more replies and retweets.

  • We have recently started working with Buffer which is great. Also, more of a blog tool (so technically social media) I am a big fan of Relaborate for group generated content.

  • Figa 5k

    Switching costs and value prop are going up with (semi-) recent acquisitions by Salesforce (Buddy Media, Radian 6), Oracle (Involver), and other CRMs. Don’t just look at the tool — most functional differences are small and can be compensated for with add ones if those specific metrics are that important — look at how the tool(s) can grow with you and your (hopefully increasing) level of sophistication, and how they can integrate with your CRM.