The Best and Worst of Social

The Best and Worst of Social


In a world of social currency, companies compete for the epic title of social media badass. Drumroll please…


7 Companies that Fail(ed) at Social



7. Ragu

Ragu thought a fun way to market would be to sweepingly and insultingly declare that all men are horrible cooks. Internet’s reaction=shockingly negative. Kind of a no-brainer.



6. Skittles

In a major twitter fail, Skittles decided to import all #Skittles tweets onto their website with no moderation. I’m sure you can guess what the internet did next. Talk about TMI. Oops.


5. Epicurious

Probably the only time you’ve ever heard of the cooking site Epicurious was during the Boston Marathon bombings. Why? Because they decided to mark the occasion with fun tweets about different recipes people should cook in light of the tragedy.



4. KFC

#iatethebones, advertising KFC’s boneless chicken strips, became a favorite hashtag for fans of Hannibal Lecter memes and other inappropriately funny cannibalism jokes. Kind of disgusting humor on KFC’s part, but the Twitter community made the jump to manslaughter all on its own. Bless them.



3. McDonalds

#McDStories was meant to be about memories and nostalgia—unfortunately for McDonalds, most stories tweeted were about health code issues and obesity. Though they removed the hashtag within hours, fans continued to use it for weeks. #Fail.


People demonstrate in front of a Bank of America as Occupy Los Angeles protesters march in Los Angeles

2. Bank of America

BofA’s automated tweets took a turn for the worse when @OccupyLA decided to publicize a protest against the bank by continuously tweeting and receiving robotic responses.




New York’s police department launched #myNYPD hoping people would take fun pictures of themselves with police officers—the hashtag instead became a popular way for citizens of NY to report police brutality and misconduct.



7 Companies Killing it at Social



7. Red Bull

Red Bull’s social platforms focus less on product and more on lifestyle: extreme sports all the way. Internet’s reaction=loving it.


Screen shot 2014-06-25 at 10.05.24 AM

6. Cranium

Hasbro has done a good job of taking a game most have forgotten and making it popular on the Internet. Cranium’s trivia and games rival those trendy downloadable “brain teaser” apps.


Screen shot 2014-06-25 at 10.07.04 AM

5. Whole Foods

Whole Foods decided to train employees locally at each location to use social to respond to customer questions and complaints, as well as create community. Customer service=A+.



4. Intuit

Intuit ran a yearlong contest for small businesses around the globe, creating social waves with all of the business’s followers. Can’t beat that publicity.



3. American Express

AmEx found a way to let twitter followers use specific hashtags to make purchases. Twitter win.



2. Tide

Tide partnered with the NFL to create #OurColors, uniting the social following of all 32 teams and creating a wicked branding for the company.


Screen shot 2014-06-25 at 10.15.14 AM

1. Harley-Davidson

While Facebook’s new algorithm has even the most popular companies down in the numbers, Harley continues to grow due to their strong content and community based outreach.

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