The Crown Social Blog’s 1 year Anniversary!

The Crown Social Blog’s 1 year Anniversary!

This day last year was the inception of our Crown Social Blog. Since then we have come a long way kicking ass for various clients, hiring awesome additions to the team and relocating to a swanky new studio in Capitol Hill.

Prezi changed their embed code a while back and it doesn’t like to cooperate with WordPress so click for the Crown Social Prezi featuring a never before seen photo of the new office and a general timeline of our past shenanigans and endeavors.

To all who have stuck around watching us grow, thank you. To those who just stumbled across this post or happened upon Meghan’s last Amanda Bynes fan art…welcome! We’re pretty cool so you should stalk us a little (or a lot).

We’re looking forward to another great year of social media and nerdy analytics that we have come to love so much. This is only the first anniversary of many.


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