Tool Review: TrackingSocial social media analytics tool

Tool Review: TrackingSocial social media analytics tool

You may have noticed our blog took a decidedly recreational turn yesterday with Saul’s rebuttal towards Taylor Cotter, a 22-year-old girl who recently published a piece in The Huffington Post entitled “The Struggle of Not Struggling.”  Saul, who is equally successful in his career and living a seemingly perfect life, gently addressed his compassion toward his young female counterpart on the east coast.  To close the blog, Saul suggested Taylor come to Seattle to spend the weekend as the starting point of her adventure-searching.  Saul never fears to say what he has to say.  I am so proud of him.


However, now it’s time for some real business.


I met with Alex Paley, the co-founder of TrackingSocial this afternoon at Crown Social.  Not only did we talk about the amazing product his company offers but I was able to give him some first-hand tips on transitioning to Seattle from New York.


TrackingSocial is one of the most niche products I have seen in the marketplace.  Alex and his co-founder started the company in New York and decided to explore more business opportunities on the west coast. I was genuinely amazed by the unparalleled simplicity, intelligence and performance of their product.


Social Monitoring Capability – 3 Crowns


Easy set-up and single dashboard.  TrackingSocial allows users to monitor and measure their social performance, what they call  “reputation” across four major platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+) in a single dashboard. Users can start the monitoring by connecting the social networks that they want to track.  We’d like to see a stronger search capability across the internet including forums, blogs, news sites and other media.


The data is very easy to digest, even for those who might not be familiar with social media analytics.


Social Engagement Solutions – 3 Crowns

TrackingSocial allows users to make posts to any social network that’s connected to the service.


Analytical Intelligence – 3 Crowns

Alex showed me the new proprietary algorithm his team put together for measuring engagement.  I will leave it to you to contact them to get more visibility.  On a side note, we had a great discussion about Facebook Insights and how much the Reach metric really means. [hint: very little]


Reporting – 3 Crowns

They send their report directly to clients via email! How rad! This nifty feature will make clients very happy. From an agency’s perspective, however, I’d like to have the option to download a report that I can cook with the data in various formats.


Affordability for Small-Medium-Size agencies – 5 Crowns

$50 per business profile.  Enough said.


Customer Service and Social Education – 3 Crowns

I heard that they are preparing white-papers to showcase their authority in the industry.  They also provide recommendations and insights to their clients by request.


Feel free to follow @trackingsocial on Twitter or Like them on Facebook, or you can just simply ask Alex for a cup of coffee if you want to know more about their product.


Thanks for reading!





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