Tool Review: Tracx Social Intelligence

Tool Review: Tracx Social Intelligence

Tracx is by far the most advanced and comprehensive social monitoring and engagement tool we’ve seen yet. The platform has all the monitoring functionality of a Radian6 or Visible, in addition to offering a level of engagement and community management functionality that we haven’t seen outside of dedicated tools like Spredfast or Sprinklr. Here’s our review:

Social Monitoring Capability – 5 Crowns

Tracx’s default monitoring metric isn’t mentions or posts, it focuses more on conversations and interactions, which is a welcome development; it’s good to see technology keeping pace with social consultants and agencies 🙂 It’s very easy to setup a query (scope) and begin monitoring, and although Tracx doesn’t have historical data for every service – they’re not connected to the Twitter firehose, for example – it can be purchased if necessary. One really handy thing that Tracx does is give you the ability to monitor a combination of your social web query and your owned media as well as to break them out separately.

One of the sticking points of this app is the ability to drill down based on geography, and to have that inform the results for influencers, trends, top platforms and more.


Social Engagement Solutions – 5 Crowns

We would have been happy with just the above monitoring functionality, but Tracx comes with strong owned media tools that optimize Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, etc. on the analytics side, as well as with the ability to delegate community management tasks by time or conversation thread.


Reporting – 5 Crowns

Tracx includes some of the best-looking standard reporting we’ve seen, and also allows for a great deal of report customization of both PDF and Excel reporting.


Tracx is a little pricier than most of the new apps that have entered the market recently, so it’s probably not for a bootstrapping start-up that’s just starting out, but it’s well worth the price for anyone with a medium-sized community and at least a moderate level of conversation about their brand, products, competitors or category. If you’re interested in finding out more, holler at Mark Asay and he’ll set you up right!

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