Tool Review: uberVU

Tool Review: uberVU

uberVU is definitely one of the most comprehensive social intelligence platforms in the marketplace.  The demo I had with Ryan Canney last week was absolutely informative.


I frowned when I read the following on their site while doing my homework before the demo:


Social Media MonitoringEngagement & Reporting are very different beasts. Yet you can tame them all with uberVU. Say goodbye to the days when you used three or more tools to get the job done.”


“There is no freaking way that there is a one-stop shop for all my social media monitoring needs – not just yet!”


Girls are always right, but evidently, I am wrong this time =)  Here is why.


Social Monitoring Capability – 5 Crowns

Getting results with uberVU is amazingly fast and easy. The dashboard can be set up within 5 mins if you know what keywords/queries matter to your business, to your competitors or the vertical you are in.  Connecting your own social properties to uberVU is only several clicks away.  Most social media monitoring tools claim how fast the data can be read and digested, but I have to admit that only uberVU understands what real-time really means: seconds, not minutes or hours or “same day”.

uberVU monitors real-time mentions from key social media networks and 25 other niche social services. Mentions can be filtered by sentiment, share of voice, language, location, influence, etc..  It is so far the only social intelligence platform I am aware of that supports regions, states and cities-level filters.  The capability to drill down on mentions to a specific location is the best I’ve seen.


Social Engagement Solutions – 4 Crowns

I did not dig too deep into the social engagement piece of the product. As far as I know, uberVU allows standard activities that are critical to community management – posting and replying from multiple accounts. In the meantime, uberVU makes the whole team work process smooth by enabling social media collaboration and workflow tools.


Analytical Intelligence – 4 Crowns

I greatly appreciate how uberVU eliminates those nice-to-have-but-not-so-insightful metrics in their social analytics section.  I can easily dive into the graphs or pie chars that are more important to me.


Reporting – 5 Crowns (I’d give it a 6)

Beautiful reports! Simply beautiful! All reporting can be exported to images, CSV, PDF and other formats.  You can also have your weekly report sent to your email, if you so desire.  I even believe the report can be white-labeled. How agency-friendly!


Affordability for Small-Medium-Size agencies – 3 Crowns

Basic pricing information can be found on uberVU’s pricing page

Here are more details:


3 Users + 10 Streams = $799/month

5 Users + 25 Streams = $1299/month

10 Users + 50 Streams = $1799/month

Co-Branded – $499 Setup Fee:

3 Users + 10 Streams = $999/month

5 Users + 25 Streams = $1499/month

10 Users + 50 Streams = $1999/month


Customer Service and Social Education – 4 Crowns

I enjoy reading their blog, and I’ve also downloaded several whitepapers from their site.

I strongly recommend scheduling a demo with them if you’re in the market.  uberVU seems to know what they are doing and how to do it right.


Last but not least, uberVU recently launched a new product called uberVU Signals.  It is a set of artificial intelligence technologies that automatically extracts actionable insights from all social conversations.  Signals detects 3 types of insights – trending stories, influencer mentions and spikes and trends of any kind right now, with dozens that are being added.


Stay tuned for my next post, guys!



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