We Heart Capitol Hill

We Heart Capitol Hill

Call it a severe case of wanderlust, but Crown Social has moved offices 5 times in the last 5 years. From our swanky SODO digs in the old Rainier Brewery, to our collaborative office in WeWork South Lake Union, we’ve been in just about every Seattle work scene for at least a little while. Enticed by changing scenery, connecting with new people, and expanded lunch options, we were addicted to our nomadic habit.

By cosmic coincidence, we recently relocated to the same building in Capitol Hill where it all began, 5 years ago. We returned to our roots to lay down new ones. After years of the office being more of a state of mind than a physical location, it feels good to be home.


Known for its nightlife, Capitol Hill in the early morning hours feels sleepy (or perhaps hungover.) The hot dog cart, usually fixed outside of Neumos, has been wheeled away. Most people walk about sporting sunglasses, though it’s rarely sunny. Coffee retreats are commonplace, their insides bustling with folks chained to their laptops by earbuds. Every establishment with a liquor license suggests how magnificent a Bloody Mary would be at 8:40 AM on freshly chalked A-boards.

The later you stay at work, the more energy the street injects in you when you depart for the day. If you leave after dark, you’ll likely float through a cloud of vape smoke and push through the line for tonight’s show to gain access to the sidewalk. When Macklemore put on a free concert we hopped over sidewalk campers for days.

So, are we here to stay? Sure… for now. Movement is engrained in who we are as a company, so we’ll never stop moving. We’re just moving in different ways, now. Movement has become more of a state of mind than a physical action.

Will we leave? Who knows, but it’s only a matter of time before someone in the office gets an impromptu tattoo at SuperGenius downstairs.


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