What Does a Year Mean?

What Does a Year Mean?

One year ago I left my job at Wunderman Seattle to launch Crown Social, a new type of marketing agency. One year later I’m excited to check off “write first blog post” from my list.

I may be a bit behind, but starting a new agency has kept our team just a bit busy. Not to toot our own horn, but in the last year we’ve done some outstanding work. Check out a sampling of it here on our new Parallax homepage.

The last 12 months have brought along some amazing milestones; for example, all Crown Social employees now have healthcare! We have also built an amazing client list over the last year, and are thankful every day to work alongside visionaries in Fortune 100s and non-profits alike who understand the unique possibilities and challenges of marketing in the new social paradigm.

And now, with a year of operating history under the bridge, we’ve decided that the world is finally ready for a proper Crown Social blog:) Thanks for tuning in, and keep that dial locked for more.

Crown Swizz

Zach Huntting, CEO & Founder

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  • wow, congratulation Crown Social! The website is amazingly cool, very fun and informational~ The projects all looks very exciting! I am so happy for you Zach! I wish Crown Social many many good years to come~

    • Thank you Jocelyn! Wishing you all the best as well!