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Peep what
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During in-person events, Intuitive relies on social activation to extend the conference-based discussions to their international audience. With the help of CROWN, Intuitive found that it’s most valuable tool in transitioning in-person conversation to social media was to pair an on-site photo booth with an immersive Tagboard experience. Attendees are able to capture their pursuit of continued education alongside their peers and share with others online via the conference’s hashtag. CROWN’s on-site support team was able to vet all incoming event posts and curate an intimate event narrative for attendees, displayed on the screens throughout the venue. Attendees are then empowered by the social posts highlighted via Tagboard to share their own event experience, bringing the conference’s discussion online for those following along virtually.  

For a consistent look and feel, CROWN put together a stunning branded photo booth for Intuitive along with easy-to-follow instructions to maximize social activation.

Online Photo Booth
Intuitive was among the hundreds of companies who had to majorly shift gears when the pandemic of 2020 hit North America. It’s no easy task to take one of their largest in-person conferences into the virtual realm and maintain the event’s keystone element—a community-focused experience for da Vinci surgeons. CROWN was able to recreate the beloved photo booth experience in an easily accessible format for varying aptitudes in technology. CROWN was able to provide conference attendees with the ability to capture such a unique life experience and tangible evidence of the strength the surgical community finds in itself.

Facebook Live
As pioneers rooted in the continued innovation of minimally invasive care, Intuitive is committed to providing impactful programs and experiences to further the education of robotic-assisted surgery with da Vinci systems. CROWN partnered with Intuitive to connect surgeons from around the world via Facebook Live. These sessions led by renowned leaders focus on educational and research presentations, partnered with live Q& A dependent on audience interaction. From pre-event promotion to real-time engagement moderation to a final reporting on attendance and engagement, CROWN’s expertise provided a smooth online experience.

Amazon’s Parents Day is a quirky spin on the beloved corporate past-time, Bring your kids to work day. This annual event takes over the streets & venues of Seattle as Amazon employees are invited to bring their parents and showcase the work they have been doing as well as spend quality time together. CROWN provided a unique venue, on-site event support, and full-service design, featuring over 100 pieces of digital and print graphics.
CROWN worked with DIESEL to curate a series of influencer parties in Seattle, WA—leveraging an Instagram contest and photo booth activation to generate interest beyond the shows that amplified the DIESEL brand and gave a serious case of culture-conscious FOMO. Through partnerships with the U.S.-Mexico Foundation and their Mexican-American culture magazine, Picnic, as well as Seattle’s Capitol Hill Block Party (CHBP), we curated exclusive parties with djs, influencers, and fashionistas outfitted in DIESEL attire. Here’s a small glimpse of one of our favorite events… ever.
Brooks Sports
Brooks Sports approached CROWN with the desire for a unique way to capture and engage with their clientele at marathons and trade shows that would extend beyond the event. CROWN got to work creating a meme generator and outreach program that would equip runners with the ability to create and share on Twitter what “Run Happy” means to them. This lighthearted campaign was made accessible to a broad spectrum of runners—from the individuals lacing up their first pair of running shoes and the seasoned hobbyists, to the professional athlete. This campaign saw thousands of submissions, peaking during Brook’s on-site integration at the Boston Marathon.
The Meme Generator Process
1. Users tweet using Brook’s proprietary hashtag, #runhappy

2. Brooks replies with the link to the run happy meme generator

3. Users create their own custom meme

4. The meme is fed to a database that curates a visual activation center used at tradeshows and marathons