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Client: Gold Bar 
Title: gold Bar
Tags: product development, product management, product launch, product photography, website design, event promotions


Gold Bar is a cocktail bar and community gathering concept by the team at CROWN. The project began in 2018 and included conceptualizing, financing, building, furnishing and marketing a high-end yet approachable cocktail bar in downtown Seattle’s South Lake Union (SLU). Gold Bar opened to massive acclaim being voted among Seattle’s best bars by Eater, Thrillist, Zagat and more.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, when a 6 foot social distancing rule was mandated, the bar took over a larger space within the building to allow people to socialize safely. Having utilized this space as a live content streaming studio and for several commercial video shoots while everything was shut down, CROWN recycled the sets and props that their art department had built for these videos into spacious vignette-style lounge seating areas for the bar. While the 6-foot rule was in effect, we referred to this area as the “Crown Social Distancing Club”. In 2022, due to the SLU building being sold and demolished, Gold Bar moved to Seattle’s entertainment district, Capitol Hill.

Gold Bar was an immediate success: profitable from year one and acheiving $250,000 months by 2022.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Gold Bar expanded into a larger space to accomidate for a 6-feet social distancing mandate. We repurposed commercial video sets and props into spacious, vignette-style “living rooms” to safely navigate new regulation around social gathering and so parties could engage with each other without being cramped, minimizing their risk of exposure.

Gold Bar’s “Beyond Space”

Once COVID restrictions were lifted, we fully activated the larger space turning the “Crown Social Distancing Club” into an event venue dubbed “Beyond Space.” We planned and facilitated hundreds of public and private events for companies and organizations like Google, AirBnb, Nordstrom, Seattle Interactive Conference, Amazon, Facebook, Future Arts, Juice Club and more. We hosted visiting artists like Kim Petras and Black Violin as well as local legends like She’s Gucci, La Mala Noche, Dos Leches, Calico, Yohiness, Lace Cadence, Larry Mizell Jr., Supreme La Rock, Tito Ramsey, DJ Topspin, Theishyu, Robin Burrows, Colby B, and many, many more.



Gold Bar’s website was built with user experience at the core of its design. The menu is built directly into the site allowing for easy, on-the-fly updating. It features a responsive design that changes background color automatically by detecting the user’s theme: white background for light mode, black background for dark mode.

The site is stylized with an SVG filter to give headers and links onHover states an unique, asymmetrical appearance. The events page serves as a calendar for upcoming events and doubles as an archive for previous events as well.
Website landing screen features a looping video envoking fun, nostalgia and romance
gold bar info page
the site features an svg filter that distorts larger headers for a gritty feel and links when hovered over
GOLD BAR’s EVENTS PAGE serves as a calendar for UPCOMING events AND an archive of past events
gold bar info page looping marquees

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Additionally, we raised and donated six figures for charities incl. the Vera Project, Lavendar Rights Project, Skyway Tutoring, Planned Parenthood, ACLU, Special Olympics, Alleycat Acres, Mary’s Place, Common Acre, Keep Music Live, Lifelong, Refill Live, National Abortion Federation, Youthcare, Roots Young Adult Shelter, and Palestine Children’s Relief Fund, we served drinks at the James Beard Foundation’s Taste America event, hosted Bystander Intervention Training sponsored by Chambord and Seattle Cocktail Week, and facilitated popups and parties alongside culinary rockstars like Cody Westerfield from De La Soil, Tarik Abdullah of Midnight Mecca & A DJ and a Cook, Chef Irbille Donia of Lahi Seattle, Clayton Kinsey, Kyle Gadekar, Manu Alfau, Masakazu Tsirumi, Richard Mockler, Julio Avila from Lark, Toshiro Stang, Tina Fahnbulleh from Gold Coast, and JJ’s Soul Food. We planned and facilitated hundreds of bespoke events for companies and organizations like Women’s Philanthropic Collective, Mimosa Club, Seattle Interactive Conference, Amazon, Facebook, SAP, Impinj, Wongdoody, University of Chicago, Publicis NA, Microsoft, Apple, Aplos, Seattle Cocktail Club, Scrappy’s Bitters, Day In Day Out, Dining Out For Life, Future Arts, Fortify the Culture, Urban Artworks, Concordia University, Twist Bioscience, Vstar Entertainment, Curated Vibes, City Cycle Seattle, He Said He Said, Daybreaker, Google, Gene Juarez, AirBnb, Converge Media, Nordstrom, Banya5, Juice Club, Pathfinder, REI, Waves, Simons Foundation, Avenue One Residential, South Lake Union Block Party, Rollin Street Flats, American Cancer Society, John L Scott, Whim Whim and National Audubon Society, and partnered and partied with DJs like Calico, Kween Kaysh, Reverend Dollars, Chong the Nomad, Teenage Heartthrob, She’s Gucci, Toya B, Dos Leches, Boy Du Jour, DJ Solid Gold, El Rojo, Eugene Fontleroy, WD4D, DJ Palm Pilot, Derek Pavone, Parker Mills, Robin Burrows, Doug McVehil, Killing Moon, Reptile House, Introcut, Colby B, Retina Burn, DJ Emmanuel, Plan B from Sun Breaks, Chella Leches, Pheso, Samurai Del, Joza, DJ Squirrel, Selector Lopaka, DJ Scorcher, DJ Backgammon, Magic Sean, RVN, Justin Hartinger, Sustynh, NSO, La Niña, Tremenda Diosa, Lace Cadence, Lady Coco, JennGreen, Sweet Acidophilus, Lanae Misfit, Liv Musiq, Nia Joe, Jayden Grayson, Cory Kendrix, Cousin Chris, Just Brandon, Larry Mizell Jr., Supreme La Rock, Tito Ramsey, DJ Topspin aka Blendiana Jones, Nostalgia B, Zapan, KBoogie, DJ Wifi, Shay Rosay, Michete, DJ Libbi, Kraymergdot, Whodinii, DJ Tsunami, DJ Bad Dad, DJ Nightspore, DJ Zen, Jussnami, Papito Peace, La Mala Noche, Wax Witch from Babe Night, Cancer Tears, St. Saudade, Charma, DJ Vice, Swervewon, DJ Sush, Yung Asthmatic, DJ Anzo, CHERI'AMOUR, 52Kings, Eaves, Yohiness, Tdesu, Ken Mac, Pretty Please, Slim da DJ, Alice Camille, Absolute Madman, Wizdumb, Gef Leopard, THEISHYU, Slimguini, Madchill, Tony H, Edders, and Taylar Elizzabeth, and of course we exhibited, commissioned, and collected art by Summer School Collective, Maayan Haim, Izzy Nestegard, Majesta Vestal, Mike Force, Guilty Mafia, David Hytone, Ben Busy, Perry Paints, Ben Chaykin, Noble Neon, Cameron Coupe, Future Arts, Rodrigo Valenzuela & more. 

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