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Client: TEGRIA
Title: 2021-current TEGRIA PARTNERSHIP
Tags: MANAGEMENT CONSULTING, Strategy, Creative Direction, BRANDING, Design, Illustration, Motion Design, Video Production, COMMERCIAL VIDEO, DOCUMENTARY VIDEO, PHOTOGRAPHY, STADIUM GRAPHICS, Wayfinding Signage, On-Site Support, Merch Design, Event Production

Strategy, Creative Direction, Concept + executions CROWN SOCIAL


Tegria is a global healthcare consulting and services company dedicated to driving transformation by delivering market-leading solutions for providers and payers worldwide.

As a strategic advisor to senior Tegria leadership, CROWN consulted on the strategy and communications around the merger of three portfolio companies into one entity to establish a platform for future growth.

In addition to helping craft the M&A transaction deck defining enterprise value, valuation, governance approval, board structure and timeline, market opportunities, competitive advantages, and strategic goals, leading to a combined company with nine figures in annual recurring revenue, CROWN created positioning and messaging aimed at helping employees and customers understand the benefits of the alignment.


"Our Stories" is a commercial spot concepted and produced by CROWN for Tegria in 2021. 

For this video, we took an artful approach to a testimonial-style video. We built out each of these sets in-studio, pulling in texture, cultural influence, and color theory to bring the characters and their worlds to life.

We had so much fun building out all of these worlds alongside our client, Dana Gratton, and an amazing team of creatives, incl. Talia Green, Tyler Kalberg, Damian Payne, Mandy Kehoe, Finch Izatt, Lela Wulsin, Bren Lamb, Sara Mustelin, Vince Klimek, Michael LePard, Mark Bueing, Greg Smith, Lindsay Watkins, Meg Schmitt, Andy Clark, Camille Durand, Drew Tekulve and Ron Kanecke, as well as actors Allegra, Christian, Jessica, Nadine, Naho, Niecey, Rohish and Stephen.


Partnership w/ Seattle Kraken & The One Roof Foundation

CROWN also facilitated a deep partnership with the Seattle Kraken, an organization that shares Tegria’s commitment to health and underserved communities, specifically through its One Roof Foundation.

The aim of the newly formed collaboration between the Seattle Kraken’s One Roof Foundation and Tegria is to boost the health and wellness of residents in Seattle’s South Park, a community plagued by significant health challenges caused by pollution, proximity to Superfund sites and highways, and a lack of activities for youth.

“All kids should have access to sports and safe places to play as well as clean air to breathe, but unfortunately that’s not a given in some neighborhoods.”
-Mari Horita, VP, community engagement & social impact for the Seattle Kraken, and executive director of One Roof Foundation.

As part of the partnership with the Seattle Kraken, CROWN also designed environmental graphics for use inside Seattle’s Climate Pledge Arena and outside on the grounds of the Seattle Center during hockey games as well as NBA/WNBA games and concerts.


Naturally, the collaborative efforts, compelling content, and community narratives required a captivated audience. To this end, CROWN crafted and implemented a finely-tuned paid social media campaign, strategically directed at influential decision-makers and key stakeholders, to foster brand recognition and connection with Tegria. Additionally, in collaboration with our friends at Connors & Co., we spearheaded the creation of an expansive exhibit for the 2022 HIMSS conference, ensuring the inclusion of nine video displays to prominently feature this and future video content.  

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