Hit a moving target.

Culture moves at a frenetic pace. Work with an agency that keeps its finger on the pulse of the zeitgeist and can give your company strategy that matters.

As a strategy-led creative shop, CROWN’s specialty is uncovering insights that move hearts and steal minds. We do the research to identify the problem, do more research to identify the tension, and then even more research to identify the solution.

What about social media?

Our proprietary social dashboard lets you know exactly how your business stands up against the competition, where your customers and prospects are talking about you and your products, and keeps you informed about sudden changes that affect your brand.

Somewhere out there in the world, right now, someone wants what you’re selling. Are you listening?

We scrape the web to uncover valuable insights that can help prioritize the platforms and individuals with the greatest potential for engagement. Reporting can be customized to your needs, but typically includes: ecosystem mapping, traffic drivers, share of voice, influencer and superfan rankings and profiles, sentiment analysis, geographic profiling, viral campaign tracking, publishing metrics, conversation volume / share of voice, trends by platform, user engagement statistics, and more.

Bold brands build with us.

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