CROWN Social Agency-About Us

CROWN is a strategic creative agency laser-focused on social. 

We create the most compelling content for the most distracted audience of all time.

Our Process

We craft actionable, audience-focused marketing plans aimed at achieving your
business goals, and then execute with show-stopping creative and a strong track record of success.

Our clients

We’ve helped Fortune 500 companies,
traditional agencies, and tech startups incorporate social into their business, bringing
strategy, structure and creativity to the always-evolving digital landscape.


Agency of the Future

CROWN is a full-service, award-winning creative agency and challenger network. We believe the traditional holding company model is outdated, and the agency of the future is a network of partnerships with best-in-class creatives. To facilitate these collaborations, we own & operate a creative staffing, talent, & influencer agency named Vicarious, as well as a fully integrated design studio called New Dialogue.

 How We Roll

We are the instigators, the outsiders, the insiders, the empaths, & the explorers.

We perform at our best when we open our minds to fresh possibilities and diverse perspectives. As part of our inclusive and anti-racist creative practice, we actively seek to:
+ Work with diverse team members
+ Execute inclusive creative content
+ Cast diverse talent
+ Feature the work of diverse creators
+ Hire diverse production vendors
+ Qualify audiences beyond traditional racially-biased targeting models

The more we meet these standards, the more authentic our work, the better we ultimately serve our clients.


Bold brands build with us.

Let’s get started